Glenna Harris Weavers Guild, San Jose, CA

Glenna Harris Weavers Guild

Making Paper Plate Baskets

When weaving, the yarn that is held tight is called the warp, the yarn that is used to weave over and under is called the weft.  When weaving on a paper plate, the beginning yarn is the warp and after it is tied off it is the weft.

1. Start with a sturdy paper plate. Measure the outside of the paper plate.

2 .Divide the number of inches by an uneven number. Make the cuts about about 5/8th of an inch apart, making sure that you have an uneven number of cuts.

3. Leave a tail in the center of the plate then start the warp by taking the warp thread up to the top of the plate through a cut and moving to the right down through the next cut to the bottom of the plate through a cut and up to the top again.

4. Move to the right until you have filled all the cuts.

5. Tie the center with the tail from the start and the end of the warp. Center the tie as well as you can.

6. Start weaving, over and under the warp threads snugging the threads to the center. Watch that each row is the opposite from the row before. As you get further out it will be easier to see.

7. Be very careful that you do not pick up two warp threads This one is doubled for younger children to use.

8. Overlap weft thread when changing colors, no knots.

9. Overlap for all new yarns.

10. All these different baskets and purses were woven on paper plate looms.

11. This little purse was made by weaving on both sides of a half plate.