Glenna Harris Weavers Guild, San Jose, CA

About Win Tonkin

Winifred Tonkin was a master weaver and a long-time member of the Glenna Harris Weavers Guild. The studio she ran that was adjacent to her home was filled with looms and weaving equipment. Many people learned to weave from her. And still others worked in the studio under her guidance where she generously shared her expertise. When she died in 1995, the contents of her studio was sold and what remained was given to the Guild.

Included in the items the Guild inherited were a number of folders of workshop notes. In order to share them and continue Win's legacy, they are being copied for publication on this website. They are in pdf format and can be opened with Acrobat Reader. They are yours to use for any noncommercial purpose by saying a silent thank you to Win, even if you did not know her.

Shadow Weave Wall Hangings

You will find detailed instructions and diagrams of several ways of creating and framing transparent wall and window hangings. The original handout included a selection of yarn samples that obviously cannot be included here. A number of the specific yarns listed in the chart may no longer be available but comparable yarns can be found.

Double Weave Workshop

Double weave basics

A Different Look - Double Weave

Coming soon. A continuation of the double weave theme including double-faced twill, double-width cloth, double faced cloth, double cloth-interchanged surfaces, seamless tubing, double quilted cloth, padded double weave, box hanging, and double weave hanging with crossed weft. Coming soon.

Multiple Technique Workshop

Projects and threadings for a number of different kinds of items.