Glenna Harris Weavers Guild, San Jose, CA

Glenna Harris Weavers Guild


Websites and Blogs

American Tapestry Alliance
Backstrap Weaving
The Joy of Handspinning
The Loomy Bin - Gudrun Polak
Paradise Fibers (Resource Guide to Knitting and Weaving with more useful links)
Rigid Heddle Weaving
WARP - Weave a Real Peace
Woven Thoughts - Sara Lamb's blog
YouTube videos on handweaving


Botanical Colors
Cotton Clouds
Custom Handweavers - Guild Member
Dharma Trading Company
Greener Shades dyes
Earth Guild
Earth Hues
Habu Textiles
Halcyon Yarns
Meridian Jacobs
Lunatic Fringe
New World Textiles
Purlescence Yarns
Treenway Silks
Village Spinning & Weaving
Vreiseis (Fox Fibre)
Yarn Barn


Ashtlo Guild
Berkshire Guild (UK) of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers
Black Sheep Guild
Carmel Crafts Guild
Conference of Northern California Handweavers
Dallas Handweavers and Spinners Guild
Florida Tropical Weavers' Guild
Handweavers and Spinners Guild of NSW(New South Wales)
Handweavers of Boulder
Association of Northwest Weavers' Guilds
Mendocino Coast Handweavers
Michigan League of Handweavers
Ontario Handweavers & Spinners
Palomar Handweavers' Guild
Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers
Santa Cruz Handweavers
Seattle Weavers Guild
Southern California Handweaver's Guild
Ventura County Handweavers and Spinners Guild
Weavers Guild of Boston
Weavers Guild of Minnesota
Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild

Inkle Weaving

Weaving Today's Guide to Inkle Weaving: Free Inkle Loom Patterns, Plans, and Projects
Inkle Loom Plain-Weave Pattern Generator
How to Weave on the Inkle Loom by Mary Meigs Atwater
ASpinnerWeaver - Annie McHale's inkle weaving blog

We weavers with our simple hand-looms, by going back to the fine clear beauty of the ancient days, have thrown a bridge over the ugliness of the machine-made age just behind us. It is not a dead art we are reviving but a new and growing art that will flower into who can tell what wonderful new blossoming.
— Mary Meigs Atwater 1961
Photo of tapestry by Aiko Kobayashi Gray Photo of handwoven towels by Georgi Knutsen